Lewdle Word Of The Day For Thursday, January 20th

WARNING: Lewdle is NSFW, continue reading at your own risk!

January 20, 2022

Move over, Wordle. Lewdle’s in town to spice up the popular daily word game and we’ve got the very first word of the day for Thursday, January 20th.

You either love it, or you’re sick of seeing those green squares on your Twitter timeline every day. But, regardless of opinion, Wordle quickly became the talk of the internet in 2022.

For those that may have never played the original puzzle game, players simply needed to guess one word each day within 6 attempts. However, the original version of Wordle never accepted inappropriate or NSFW words. Lewdle has come to change just that.

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What Is Lewdle?

Created by Gary Whitta, Lewdle is the brand new knock-off version of Wordle, but with a twist. Lewdle is not for the faint-hearted as the daily words will always be inappropriate and NSFW.

Just like Wordle, Lewdle is completely free to play via your mobile or PC internet browser. For those interested in testing out your knowledge of lewd words, try out the first word of the day right here.

Or, if you’re getting frustrated trying to work out what the Lewdle word of the day for Thursday, January 20th is, we’ve got you covered. But, one final warning, the word is NSFW so now is your final chance to turn back and open up Wordle instead.

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Lewdle Word Of The Day (Thursday, January 20th)

The Lewdle word of the day for Thursday, January 20th is FELCH. This word will be available until MIDNIGHT ET or 9PM PT, so get it in whilst there’s still time to do so.

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