Liege Greenlit on Steam

Liege Greenlit on Steam

Some great news for turn based strategy game fans. This weekend John Rhee of Coda Games happily announced that his game, Liege, will be available on Steam when it launches in early 2014.

Earlier this year, we reported about Liege’s Kickstarter success, making over $80,000 when they originally asked for $15,000. Liege is a mature turn based strategy RPG with heavy influences from Game of Thrones and Final Fantasy Tactics. Honestly, if you say Game of Thrones and Final Fantasy Tactics when describing your game then I’m already pretty sold. Liege looks like its coming along nicely considering only a couple of people are working on it. The art design has also gotten an upgrade since last we saw judging from the latest picture of these environmental assets.


Below is a video of a forest area walkthough in Liege on their latest build. For more info check out Coda Games

Liege will be available on Steam in early 2014 with Ps4, Vita, and WiiU versions following afterwards.