Life After E3: What Games We’re Looking Forward to Most

Life After E3: What Games We’re Looking Forward to Most


I knew stepping into E3 that my list of games was going to change. Priorities on what I would spend my gaming hours on would not be the same after witnessing what E3 2010 had to offer and I knew that going in. Trying to cope with life after E3, which included dreams of running around the show floor being chased by Sephiroth with a gun-blade, led me to ask my fellow staff at DualShockers what they were looking forward to after this massive “super bowl of gaming” took place. Find out what they had to say and see what life after E3 means for DualShockers’ upcoming wishlists.

Yaris Gutierrez:width="334"

Skyward Sword (Zelda), Metroid: Other MXenoblade, Killzone 3The Last Guardian, and Twisted Metal.”

Joel Taveras:

Socom 4, Killzone 3, Medal of Honor, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and a lot of great stuff at E3 this year that will not be released until late 2011.”

Al Zamora:

DC Universe Online, Final Fantasy XIV, and Medal of Honor.”

Chad Awkerman:width="341"

Final Fantasy XIV, The Last Guardian, Xenoblade, Atelier Rorona, Fable III, Dragon Quest IX… and maybe more that I can’t think of at the moment.”

François Chang:

Halo Reach, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Kirby’s Epic Yarn.”

Jon Ireson:

“For me it’s Socom 4, Crysis 2, Killzone 3, Final Fantasy XIV, Medal of Honor, the new Mortal Kombat game (huge fan), and of course Twisted Metal, but I am also dying to play Resident Evil 5 Gold on PS Move and strongly considering jumping into the Dead Space 2 universe.”

Tyler Christensen:width="307"

“I’m definitely looking forward to the new Medal of Honor, and I would probably also have to say Infamous 2 is on my list.”

Taran Bar:

“Im looking forward to Crackdown 2 on July the 6th and as far as later, the new Red Faction game, Halo Reach, and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.”

Kenneth Richardson:

VanQuish, Metal Gear Rising and BlazBlue: CS.”


Andrew Vanden Bossche:

Star Wars The Old Republic. Bioware convinced me that it’s not an MMO, just a single player RPG that just happens to be online. I eagerly await dialog trees and choking insolent fools. I’m also looking forward to Twisted Metal.”

Rob Bateman:

DC Universe Online, Socom 4, and the HD remastered Ico collection.”

Danny Venom:

Killzone 3, Mortal Kombat & Medal of Honor.”