Life is Feudal MMO Will be Receiving a Fourth Closed Beta

Life is Feudal MMO Will be Receiving a Fourth Closed Beta

Bitbox is releasing a fourth beta test for Life is Feudal: MMO, the massive take on Life is Feudal.

Developer and publisher Bitbox is sending out a new batch of invite-only Beta testing keys for Life is Feudal: MMO, this being the fourth overall Beta test. This latest round of testing will run for two weeks, ending on July 21. New to this closed beta is the Trading Post, which allows players to trade resources and crafted items among themselves in a controlled and safe manner.

Life is Feudal: MMO is a new take on Bitbox’s medieval survival game. It features massive, persistent servers which are 49 times larger than Life is Feudal’s private servers. Up to 10,000 players can group together as guilds to build cities and towns then go to battle in instanced battlegrounds, complete with siege equipment. Players will also be able to access the Life is Feudal: MMO online or via the app to gather resources while away from the game.

Bitbox recently released a trailer that showcases the top 10 features of the game giving a first-hand look at some of the game’s special features, including: terraforming, land claims, battle formations, realistic weather and climate zones, plus the unique health/stamina combat systems in play.

To accompany the announcement, Bitbox has released a tutorial video to teach new players how to build their very first house in game.