Life is Strange 2: Episode One is Free Just About Everywhere

Life is Strange 2: Episode One is Free Just About Everywhere

The excuses to not play Life is Strange 2 are vanishing as Dontnod makes episode one free everywhere.

Life is Strange 2 released its first episode in September 2018 and wrapped up in December of the following year. If you happened to miss it, there’s no excuse now because episode one is free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The first episode of the original Life is Strange has been free everywhere for years and now Life is Strange 2 is getting the same treatment.

The only place you won’t be able to find Life is Strange 2 episode one is on the App Store. Despite the original Life is Strange being available on IOS and Android phones, developer Dontnod hasn’t said anything regarding a port.

This happens to a lot of episodic, story-based games to give players the chance to try them out before committing to buying the season pass. Telltale Games uses a similar strategy for many of their first episodes. The official Life is Strange Twitter account confirmed that the $0 price tag for Life is Strange 2: episode one is not a limited time deal, but “permanently free — forever.”

Dontnod recently released another episodic game, Tell Me Why which might sound familiar if you watched the Xbox Games Showcase back in JulyTell Me Why is three episodes long and, as of September 10, have all been released. Check out our review of it right here.

Additionally, Dontnod is getting ready to release Twin Mirror in December of this yearTwin Mirror isn’t episodically told like Life is Strange or Tell Me Why but has similar point and click gameplay.

For more on Life is Strange make sure to check out our article about the possibility of Life is Strange 3 as well as this one about the opening of a new Dontnod studio in Montreal. If you haven’t downloaded Life is Strange 2 episode one yet, you can find it right here.