Life is Strange 2 Gets a Streaming PC Demo That Doesn't Require a Download

A new demo for Life is Strange 2 is available now that you can stream at home on PC, with no downloads required to play.

With its debut in 2018, Dontnod Entertainment’s Life is Strange 2 provided an intriguing journey that followed up the memorable story of Chloe and Max in the first season. Playing as Sean and Daniel Diaz, a pair of brothers on a road trip to find their family in Mexico, the series’ trademark themes of tough moral choices and an emotional story were brought to the forefront of a five-episode-long journey. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the series’ second season just yet, there is now a new demo that you can try out from your web browser and can jump into within minutes.

Publisher Square Enix has announced that a new demo for Life is Strange 2 is available now on PC for those that have yet to give the episodic game series a try. However, unlike past demos for the game that have been available on consoles and PC, this one is entirely delivered via streaming, meaning you can jump into it easily without any lengthy downloads. The demo itself is powered by Polystream, and all you have to do to play is head to the official Life is Strange 2 website and hit the “Stream Demo” button. The demo is dependent on some hardware requirements from your PC and a steady internet connection: you can find that information here on what you need to play the demo.

The idea of streaming a game demo is definitely an interesting one, and especially for a game like Life is Strange 2, it seems like the perfect way to jump into the game without having to wait to download it first. Since the game is largely narrative-driven (and in a lot of ways feels like an interactive movie), being able to jump into the experience easily seems like a good way to try it out.

Life is Strange 2 concluded with the release of the fifth and final episode last December, and left players with a ton of hard choices to make for the Diaz brothers. While the second season may not have had quite the impact on players like the first season, personally I felt like Dontnod took a lot of interesting narrative risks with Life is Strange 2, and will be interested to see where they take the series moving forward.

Life is Strange 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

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