Life is Strange: Before the Storm Original Music Score Artist Revealed

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Original Music Score Artist Revealed

Square Enix reveals the musical creative talent behind Life is Strange: Before the Storm's original title track.

Square Enix recently revealed the addition of three episodes to the Life is Strange franchise with the prequel installment Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Anyone who has played the original series knows that its music is a moving element, and now Square Enix has announced the talent behind this next series’ musical score.

British indie-folk band, Daughter, will perform the original track titled “Music from Before the Storm,” which is expected to be released via Glassnote Records and 4AD on September 1. When the game releases, it will feature “Music from Before the Storm” along with two additional tracks from Daughter’s existing catalogue of songs.

Not so long ago, we learned that Dontnod Entertainment was at work on a sequel to Life is Strange, but further information has revealed that Before the Storm is not that sequel. Instead, this prequel mini-series is in development by Deck Nine Games and tells Chloe Price’s story three years prior to the events of the first season.

The first of the three episode series will be released on August 31 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

For those who haven’t played the game just yet, playing Life is Strange: Before the Storm before playing the original series apparently won’t spoil anything according to Deck Nine Games.