Life is Strange Co-Creator’s Ashwalkers Receives A Release Window on PC

Life is Strange Co-Creator’s Ashwalkers Receives A Release Window on PC

Nameless XIII's Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey brings its dark survival narrative adventure to PC on April 2021.

The co-founder of DONTNOD and co-creator of Life is Strange Hervé Bonin’s Ashwalkers is coming to PC this coming April. Through his new studio, Nameless XIII, he is creating an experience that is part survival game and part narrative adventure. So easily something he is no stranger to. You take the role of four survivors traveling across a post-apocalyptic Earth after it was ravaged by volcanic eruptions two centuries prior. Their journey will prove to be a test of survival but also of the relationships of the group and those around them.

What sets Ashwalkers apart from the swath of other survival games is its choice system. You’ll have to deal with some major ethical questions during your journey to a haven for their community of survivors. Managing your initial party will be a matter of life and death. You’ll have to search for and maintain supplies while rationing your food and medication. All while having to contend with the treacherous environment and dangers around every corner.

Your reactions to your teammates and other survivors are where Ashwalkers really takes some cues from Life is Strange. With 34 different endings, your actions will assuredly have consequences. For better or worse, you’ll have to make some tough calls throughout your journey. Some of them will mean life or death for your party members. That many branching paths and endings are sure to offer plenty of replay value as well. So no matter what way one of your runs plays out, there’s always room for exploration and new possibilities.


Nameless XIII‘s Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey, which was originally titled Cendres, will make its way to PC in April 2021 via Steam. Fans of survival games and choose their own adventure style games will want to keep an eye out for this one. A demo will also be available during the upcoming Steam Game Festival in February. So it won’t be long until we get to try our hands at this new journey into the apocalypse.