Creative Team of Life is Strange Comic Announced

Creative Team of Life is Strange Comic Announced

The first issue of the Life is Strange comic book series launches in November with writing by Emma Vieceli and interior art and covers by Claudia Leonardi.

After announcing a Life is Strange comic book miniseries back in March, Square Enix and Titan Comics have now revealed the creative team that is working on the series and also shared that the first issue will be released later this year in November.

The comic will follow Life is Strange’s protagonist Max Caulfield and her best friend Chloe Price as they return to Arcadia Bay following one of the two possible endings that players could choose from in the game. Those who have played the game know the weight of the final decision that players had to make, and the comic’s writer, Emma Vieceli, commented on this fact by stating, “Importantly, as with the game, it must always be remembered that what we’re creating here is one possibility out of many.”

With Vieceli writing the series, the comic’s interior art and covers are by Claudia Leonardi with colors by Andrea Izzo. The four-part series will launch in November with the cover of the first issue done by Manda Schank.

Vieceli also sharing her excitement at working on this project by saying, “One of the wonders of the series is that every player may have taken Max and Chloe on a unique journey, and so distilling their possible futures into one mini-series is a huge thing.”

Fans of Life is Strange have had much to celebrate this year, with the announcement that the first episode of Life is Strange 2 will be released on September 27th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC and the release of the spin-off The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC back in June.