Life Is Strange Dev Reveals Tons of Information About Vampyr

on December 3, 2015 1:10 PM

Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment is working on their next project, Vampyr.

They decided to reveal lots of new info about the game last night, and it looks really interesting. Vampyr is going to be an action RPG with exploration and investigation elements. It will be set in 1918 London, when the Spanish Flu epidemic was starting to crawl in.

“Vampyr is an action RPG with tight, visceral combat mechanics, exploration, and investigation – you’ll have to collect many clues, and talk to many people as you prowl the streets of London.”

“With the use of vampiric powers – as you’d expect! – and authentic ‘make-shift’ weapons, such as a saw (our protagonist is a surgeon, after all!) you’ll be fighting both mythical terrors and human foes.”

“You’ll also be able to make use of different ranged weapons, and there’s more to the combat, but we’re not ready to reveal that yet.”

“England was recovering from the aftermath of the World War I, and the Spanish Flu was making its way through London’s winding alleys. The streets were rife with death and crime, but England was also going through many social and political changes, as new sciences sought to re-envision the way we see the world.”

The game’s protagonist is called Jonathan Reid, but what do we know about him? Well, he was a doctor during the war, and became a scientist after. Reid is also “familiar with a new blood transfusion technique used in the war,” and is “quite the skeptic of all things supernatural.”

“A rational man, Reid wants to come to terms with vampirism – he wants to understand it. Basically, he wants to treat it as a medical condition, but as you play through the story and meet many of the characters in the game, you’ll discover that things are much more… organised, or deliberate, than that.”

Vampyr is planned to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2017. You can check out pictures of the game below:

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