Life Is Strange: True Colors – 5 Games to Keep You Going Until its Release

By Jamie Good

September 6, 2021

With the newest story in the Life is Strange series, True Colors, being released within the week, here are 5 games to keep fans entertained until they can get stuck into the latest supernatural power-infused story. 


With an average playtime of six hours, Lake takes you on a journey in the shoes of Meredith Weiss. Through the fictional lakeside town of Providence Oaks, a rural area set in Oregon, the player will spend their time exploring the area, delivering parcels, interacting with and discovering the locals’ stories.

Lake | Official Announcement Trailer

Lake | Official Announcement Trailer

Song of Farca

Taking on the role of private investigator Isabella Song, players in Song of Farca will have to look for clues, gather information and track suspects through a series of interwoven narratives. With a focus on choice and consequence, players will have to use all of the tools available to uncover the secrets of this near-future detective story. Song of Farca has an average playtime of 8.5 hours.

Road 96

Road 96 takes the player on a procedurally generated story across the fictional country of Petria. The player will bump into a recurring cast of outlandish characters through their attempts to cross the border. With an average playtime of 7 hours, players can experience what the game offers with time to spare.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is for those looking for a game that will keep them occupied slightly longer than the others on this list, with an average playtime of 15.5 hours. Players will have to unveil the mystery of a solar system stuck in a time loop. With simple and stylised visuals, Outer Wilds is a beautiful game. One which leans into the grandiose scale and uses the setting of an entire solar system to emphasise this.

Presenting the player with beautiful visitors and creepy corners of space. Another critical point of praise for Outer Wilds is the soundtrack, which helps add to the player’s experience. Creating the perfect atmosphere for both the grand, epic scenes of the game and the smaller scale points. 


Firewatch has an average playtime of 4 hours as it guides players through the Wyoming wilderness with an incredible setting for a peaceful and suspenseful atmosphere during the exploration of this great wilderness. Much like Outer WildsFirewatch has a fantastic soundtrack.

Although not as grand a setting as an entire solar system. The soundtrack adds excellent ambience to the situations the player will find themselves in when playing this game. On top of this, all of the little details and the interactions the player will have with their boss via the handheld radio make this game a joy to play.

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