Light Fingers Coming First to Nintendo Switch Early Next Year

Light Fingers Coming First to Nintendo Switch Early Next Year

Nimizmatic Games Corporation flaunt their new game, Light Fingers, which will be coming first to Nintendo Switch in early 2018.

During the Nindies Showcase Summer 2017, Toronto based indie studio, Numizmatic Games Corporation, showcased its upcoming release for the Nintendo Switch , Light Fingers.

The strategic turn-based game will allow up to 4 players to manipulate a magical clockwork board. Each map is procedurally generated so each time you visit Light Fingers is a completely unique experience. The game features real-time gameplay and tons of loot to acquire. Tabletop mode is supported as well, making it the perfect portable multiplayer experience.

Numizmatic Games Corporation released a trailer for Light Fingers flaunting its interesting gameplay. During Nindies Showcase Summer 2017, Senior Manager of Publisher and Developer Relations, Damon Baker, mentioned that players will find “devious opportunities for misdirection” as they play through the game. That statement certainly seems true in the trailer as an “encounter” begins.

When the event is initiated, one player runs through a dungeon as the rest of the opposition are given control of the deadly devices throughout the course. You can witness this, as well as its card-based system and interesting board design in the trailer below.

Numizmatic Games Corporation will be launching their procedurally generated magical clockwork board game, Light Fingers, for Nintendo Switch early next year. Other platforms have yet to be announced.