Lightfield Announced for Xbox One and PS4; Coming Spring 2017

Lightfield Announced for Xbox One and PS4; Coming Spring 2017

Today, Austria-based developer Lost in the Garden announced its hyperfuturistic omnidirectional racing game, Lightfield, for PS4 and Xbox One.

According to the developer, Lightfield is a crossover between classical arcade racing and free flying. In it, you can fly around tracks freely, and look for your path through the course. Tracks are said to be progressively more winding and complex, in turn continually challenging you to find and perfect your lines for both speed and style.

The game boasts an abstract art style and level architecture, drawing inspirations from contemporary graphic design and classic sci-fi. Further, as you cruise around its abstract tracks, you will be accompanied by electronic music and the sound design of Viennese musician Zanshin.

Below, you can check out the game’s features and new trailer. Lightfield is slated to launch sometime in spring 2017.


  • Crossover between classical arcade racing and flying.
  • Complete freedom of motion yet easily controllable, Fly around freely but snap to any surface for more control and speed
  • 7 different tracks in 3 environments (+ reverse tracks)
  • 3 game modes (Race, Time Trial, Exploration Mode)
  • Up to 4 player local splitscreen multiplayer
  • Online multiplayer races and leaderboards
  • Perform tricks by drifting and jumping
  • Driving electronic IDM music and sound design by Viennese musician Zanshin