Lightning and Amodar DLC Not Quite What You Think It Is

Lightning and Amodar DLC Not Quite What You Think It Is

If you’re planning on buying that Lightning and Amodar Coliseum battle DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2, don’t open your wallet just yet — you may want to reconsider.

My guess is your intent to purchase balances on the pros and cons of having Final Fantasy XIII‘s pink-haired fem fatale and her commanding officer as available party members. Initial descriptions from Square Enix stated that the pair would drop recruiting crystals upon defeat. But a cursory jaunt through the internet has revealed that mostly everyone else who dropped $2.99 for the DLC is having the same problem I am: Lightning and Amodar won’t drop their crystals.

Recruiting them is not a given.  I have fought the pair three times since I purchased the pack, and despite claiming victory under the time limit the latter two times they have yet to drop their crystals. Use of a Librascope reveals that they are both tameable — so what gives?

It turns out it’s normal to have to try up to twenty times to recruit the pair. If they’re this hard to catch, let’s hope they really pack a punch when you actually get to use them.

I’m pretty sure all of the press attached to this DLC stated nothing about a percentage chance of recruiting them, with all of it simply stating that the two will be made available “after defeat.” I just paid Square Enix $3 for an additional several hours worth of frustration and gamer rage. Do let me know if you manage to recruit them, and I will vice versa.