Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII Returns with Snow… to Drive a Nissan in a TV Commercial

Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII Returns with Snow… to Drive a Nissan in a TV Commercial

Lightning returns alongside with Snow in a new commercial for the Nissan Kicks in China, inspired by Final Fantasy XIII.

The Final Fantasy series has always been pretty popular among advertisers, and Final Fantasy XIII in particular has been used multiple times to promote products that have little to do with games.

Protagonist Lighting even appeared in a popular campaign for the prêt-à-porter brand Louis Vuitton last year, much to the chagrin of her detractors (that appear to be mostly in the est).

If you’re one of those who cares little for the XIII trilogy’s pink-haired heroine, you may want to skip this post, because it’s all about her, and her fellow Final Fantasy XIII co-star Snow Villiers.

Lightning and Snow appeared in a recent commercial for the crossover SUV Nissan Kicks… in China. The commercial isn’t even simply slapping the images of the characters in the car, but goes to great technical lengths to reproduce an iconic scene from the original game and blending the CGI quite nicely with the live action footage.

This isn’t the first time Final Fantasy XIII is used to advertise the Nissan Kicks. Last month Snow himself made a solo appearance in a commercial, driving the SUV through Gran Pulse, including the giant crystal pillar erected at the end of the first game.

If you’re wondering why they simply did’t use the protagonists of Final Fantasy XV, with their whole road trip theme, I’m wondering the same, but maybe this was cheaper? We’ll probably never know.

You can check both commercials out below, courtesy of YouTube user a33071201. Remember not to do this at home (or on your car). Driving with a mixed reality headset on to make your girlfriend look like Lightning might not be the safest of practices.