Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Shows Off New Outfits

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Shows Off New Outfits

Square Enix has released new screen shots for their upcoming game, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, that shows off new outfits for Lightning as well as a new character.

Lightning can equip different outfits during battle and each outfit comes with benefits such as one may improve physical combat abilities and another may increase magic potential. Lightning will be able to swap between these various costumes during battle to have access to different abilities and skills.

The screen shots also show off a new character, Lumina, that looks very similar to Lightning’s sister Sera and is of a mysterious unpredictable nature.

Check out the screen shots in the gallery below to get a better look at Lightning’s new wares and this new character that looks strikingly similar to an old character.

Update: Square Enix has also released an extended version of their Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer that features a fight between Noel from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning.