Lil Uzi Vert Has the Diablo Soulstone in His Head, Watch Out Mortals

Lil Uzi Vert now has a $24 million diamond into his head. Suspiciously, it looks just like the Diablo Soulstone that holds the Lord of Terror at bay.

February 3, 2021

You may have seen the news going around today that rapper Lil Uzi Vert has spent $24 million dollars to implant a pink diamond into his forehead. On the surface, this sounds like something ridiculous you’d see from an eccentric person with too much money. However, it seems there might be something more sinister lurking underneath the surface. Diablo fans will have likely recognized that Lil Uzi Vert’s new face diamond looks suspiciously like the Diablo Soulstone that was implanted into the Dark Wanderer. Is Uzi Vert the latest vessel for the Lord of Terror? Blizzard seems to think so.


Now look, this is mostly just having some fun with Uzi’s silly new fashion statement. However, don’t you come crying to me when he takes over the cathedral in your hometown and turns the catacombs into a portal to hell. All I’m saying is that if Duriel shows up in the Mohave Desert later this year don’t blame me. I’m just the messenger.

Instead, just hope that Tyrael decides to grace us with his presence and protect us from Lil Uzi and his dark forces. And who will be our universe’s version of Deckard Kain? I guess Morgan Freeman makes the most sense, but that seems a little on the nose. Either way, I’ll be keeping my replica katana sharp just in case this takes a dark turn and we’re in a fight against Diablo himself.

If you too would like to get some practice in protecting the world from the Diablo Soulstone, make sure to hop into Diablo 3. And, keep your eyes out for news about Diablo 4 at BlizzConline later this month.


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