Limited Edition Darth Vader PS4 Now Available for Pre-Order in UK: Priced at £384.99

Limited Edition Darth Vader PS4 Now Available for Pre-Order in UK: Priced at £384.99

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment announced a beautiful Limited Edition PS4 to be sold with Star Wars: Battlefront and Disney Infinity 3.0. Today the first pre-order has gone up in the UK, and more precisely at Game.

The console (with Star Wars: Battlefront) is priced £384.89, which translates to $600, but before you let your head implode, prices in the UK are always steeper than in most of the rest of the world.  A normal PS4 500 GB at Game costs £329.99, which translates to $515.

That said, the pre-order page shows something quite interesting. The console is listed with a one terabyte hard disk drive instead of the usual 500 gigabytes HDD. The post on the North American PlayStation Blog published yesterday mentions that the Darth Vader console has a 500 gigabyte hard disk, but the one on the European PlayStation Blog lists no size.

While this is full fledged speculation, for now, it’s possible that the model destined for the European (or British) market might have a bigger hard disk.

For now take this with the customary grain of salt. We reached out to both Sony and Game to get some light shed on the issue, and we’ll keep you updated if we receive any relevant info.

In the meanwhile, for the sake of comparison, the jet black 1 TB console costs  £349.99 at Game, translating to $546. Considering that this one comes with the game (in its Deluxe edition), four digital classics, and the custom livery, 35 Pounds more seems honest (even if your mileage may vary on overall British prices).