Limited Edition Mega Man X Statue Revealed for $599

Die-hard Mega Man fans can celebrate the game's 30th anniversary with this detailed (and expensive) statue.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mega Man (released in 1987) HMO Collectibles might have you covered. Their 1/4 scale Mega Man X statue comes with all the bells and whistles, and rightfully so, because it will set you back $599.

The “highly detailed” statue features removable armor plates that reveal Mega Man’s internal circuitry, weathered effects,and light-up features all wrapped up in a dynamic pose at a surprising size of almost two feet tall.

HMO Collectibles’ (short for Hand Made Objects) Mega Man X statue is officially licensed by Capcom, while the power capsule base for the statue is sanctioned by Capcom’s creative team. And if the blue model wasn’t rare enough for your tastes, 75 of the 275 made are available in red.

Here you can see that Mega Man X’s helmet and thrusters light up and the removable armor plates are for his legs and Mega Buster.

Mega Man merchandise like this is hard to come by. Capcom’s official wearable Mega Man helmet from 2015 was difficult to get a hold of  after it was announced at San Diego Comic-Con with listing on ebay over $100. So if you can afford it (or even make room for it on your shelf), this statue may be the crown jewel in any Mega Man fan’s collection.

The Statue went up for pre-order on Friday, and you can find it here.

Noah Buttner

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