Limited Run Games Confirms E3 Press Conference; PS Vita Will Get Support

Limited Run Games has announced their E3 2019 press conference which will most certainly be the only conference with any sort of reference to the PS Vita.

March 10, 2019

Physical games publisher Limited Run Games has confirmed that they’ll be hosting a press conference at E3 later this year. If you’re unfamiliar with the company they focus on limited physical releases for a variety of games, mostly sticking to titles from indie developers. Last E3 the publisher announced 18 physical releases for PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch. Typically fans can pick up a pretty standard box or Limited Run usually releases some awesome collector’s editions that come with a whole bunch of additional goodies.

As to what could be announced at Limited Run’s press conference, the sky is really the limit. They’ve partnered with some quirky titles as well as some that are critically acclaimed like Celeste and now Bloodstained: Curse of the Moonwhich I’m personally so stoked to get my hands on. Typically, most titles they release can be picked up on any of the platforms mentioned above.


However, if you’re a hardcore PS Vita fan, I’d recommend picking up any of the publishers latest titles for the handheld as Sony recently ended shipments of the device in Japan. With that in mind, I’d expect the handheld itself along with a bunch of its physical games to be going up in price within the coming months.

E3 2019 will kick off on June 11 and go until June 13. The expo will likely have a bit of a different vibe to it this year as a multitude of companies has been pulling out of their usual press conference lineup. Sony Interactive Entertainment will be notably absent from the show and Electronic Arts also just announced that they won’t be hosting a press conference albeit they will still have games present. Enthusiasts of the expo can still expect Microsoft and Nintendo to be there in full force as they always have.

Jordan Boyd

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