Limited Run Games Hosting FMV Friday this Week with The Bunker and Night Trap Physical Release

Limited Run Games is bring physical copies of FMV games The Bunker and Night Trap to the PC and PS4 this Friday. Quantities range from 2000-5000 disks.

While FMV (full motion video) games might not be popular that much anymore, it doesn’t mean they’re dead. I recently covered Morph Girl, a point-and-click throwback to the genre with Japanese horror influences. And now Limited Run Games is celebrating these titles with the ‘classic’ Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition and the more modern The Bunker. The former will be available on PS4 and PC while the latter will just be on Sony’s console. Both these games will be released in physical format this Friday at 10am and 6pm EST.


Night Trap is the ‘headliner’ of FMV Friday, being a rerelease of the notorious 90s game. Basically you play as a member of the Special Control Attack Team (SCAT) trying to defend a house full of teenage girl stereotypes from toothless vampires known as ‘Augers’. No, you can’t make this stuff up. For a number of complicated and misguided reasons, the whole thing became a controversial piece in the States which lead to the creation of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB).

Gameplay features a number of security cameras you can switch between to keep an eye on the sleepover. You can set off traps at the right moment to catch the Augers and save the girls. The new version will contain the regular playthrough as well as new ways to play such as Survivor Mode and Theater Mode.

This piece of nostalgia will cost $29.99 for the PS4 version, $34.99 for the PC version, and $54.99 for the collector’s edition for the PS4 (all prices are in US dollars). To further celebrate FMV Friday and Night Trap, Limited Run also has T-shirts, vinyls, and videos for sale.

The Bunker, while not as infamous as its older cousin, is more a point and click adventure rather than a surveillance game. Here you guide John through out a fallout shelter in Britain. While the nuclear catastrophe has come and gone, some new dangers have arisen, and our hero will have to find a way out and grapple with his returning memories. This 2016 digital only title (which our own Ryan Meitzer gave a ‘fair’ rating to) will now have a physical PS4 release for $29.99.

Limited Run actually had a live stream of The Bunker earlier today on their Twitch channel and it’s likely they’ll do more FMV goodness leading up to this Friday. If you want a copy of either of these games, remember not to wait too long since the quantity numbers will be capped (between 2000-5000 depending on the game/system). Needless to say, I know how I’ll be celebrating TGIF this week.

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Leif Conti-Groome

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