Limited Run Games Announces First Titles of 2017: Oxenfree and Aqua Kitty DX

Limited Run Games Announces First Titles of 2017: Oxenfree and Aqua Kitty DX

After having a very busy December, Limited Run Games is starting up their 2017 run. The end of January will see the release of Oxenfree (PS4) and Aqua Kitty DX (PS4, Vita).

These games both have a Jan 27th release will two runs: one at 10am EST and the 2nd at 6pm EST. Oxenfree ($29.99 USD) will have 4500 copies while Aqua Kitty DX ($24.99 USD) will have 2800 copies on the PS4 and the same amount for the Vita.

Will this dual release, Limited Run Games are going to try and introduce a few new options to make purchases even more attractive:

“With these releases we will be rolling out a customer loyalty program where each purchase will help you earn free prizes. We’ll also be allowing you to mark your purchases to be held so you can combine shipments across multiple game releases to save on shipping.”

The ability to tag games to future orders is definitely something I’ll be taking advantage of.

For those unfamiliar, Night School’s Oxenfree is an adventure game with an adapting narrative. You join a bunch of teens partying on an island that also happens to house military secrets. Inevitably something awful happens and everyone’s safety (and friendships) are threatened by an unearthly rift.

Aqua Kitty DX (or fully known as Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender DX) is an arcade style game by Tikipod. In this rather silly and cutesy title, you play as a bunch of cats who must brave the water in subs to seek out milk reserves. The action is similar to Defender and features upgradable weapons and branching levels.

Interestingly enough, Limited Run mentions how Aqua Kitty is a perfect example of their preservation of games. The game originally launched on PlayStation Mobile but all downloads were lost when that service ceased to be.

‘One day, all digital games face this threat as services will close and platforms will die,’ They warn. This is why they make physical copies: so future players can experience these games long after the PlayStation or Xbox digital stores close or change.

Two games have also been announced to be releasing on February 3rd. This includes Curses N’ Chaos and The Swapper. We’ll have more on those as the next month draws closer.