“Link is the Hero and That Will Not Change” – Miyamoto on Possibility of Female Lead in Zelda Games

on June 26, 2016 6:23 AM

Following rumors of a female playable protagonist in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild all eyes were primed at E3 for the chance to see a female Link running around the land of Hyrule. When no female option was revealed fans then questioned why they couldn’t have had the option. Shigeru Miyamoto explained that they did discuss the idea of allowing the players to choose Link’s gender or even feature Princess Zelda as the main hero, but the idea was eventually rejected.

In an interview on Gamekult, the question was posed to Miyamoto-san about the possibility of a female protagonist in future Zelda titles:

“We talked with the team about making a game centered about Sheik, so I cannot say it is impossible to see something of the sort in the future, but in the classic episodes of the series, Link is the hero and that will not change. For the rest, you have to be patient and see what happens!”

“…if we have princess Zelda as the main character who fights, then what is Link going to do? Taking into account that, and also the idea of the balance of the Triforce, we thought it best to come back to this [original] make up.”

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is set to launch in 2017 for Wii U and NX.