Fan-Made Video Puts Link, the "Hero of Hyrule," Into Overwatch

You know, I bet Zelda would make a nice addition to Overwatch too.

September 20, 2019

Before I go any further, let me reiterate: this video is completely unofficial. As far as I know, Nintendo and Blizzard have no intention of adding Link to the Switch’s version of Overwatch. This is just a fan-made vision of what the Zelda character would look like if he were thrown into the world of Overwatch. 

It’s still really cool, though. Link looks great here, and he actually seems like a great match for Overwatch. His Master Sword and Shield reminds me of the support hero Brigitte, who uses a mace and shield combo. However, Link packs a lot more versatility that isn’t displayed in this short video. His ability to use a bow and bombs as well as a sword, for instance, would help make him a unique addition to the team-based shooter’s roster.


In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing a full-on Smash Bros.-style take on the Overwatch template. Keep the objective and team-oriented gameplay, but add famous characters from all sorts of Nintendo games. Why not? The concept of Smash Bros. was also bizarre at one time. Now, though,  people think of Captain Falcon as a fighting game character first and a high-speed racer second. Heck, Nintendo has used Mario to take on every other genre of games–from tactical role-playing to sports to racing–why shouldn’t the Mushroom Kingdom’s greatest plumber toss one of his patented fireballs at a choke-point every now and again?

I could see such a formula working for a lot of different companies. Capcom, for example, has a plenty of memorable characters, and I’d love to see Mega Man and Dante work together to escort a payload. Obviously, it’d be a lot to put together such a project, but I’d certainly pay my share for it. And for the record, I’ve always thought Capcom ought to do more with all of their excellent properties. Just give me a full-on Capcom vs. Capcom fighting game, already!

Unfortunately, as far as I know, there are no such crossover titles in the works. This video is just for fun, and these are the five Zelda-and-Overwatch fans that made it happen: Jeremy Vitry, Aaron Walker, Stéphane Vidélo, Philémon Belhomme, and Etienne Pov.


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