Lionhead Studios Confirms Development of New Non-Fable IP, “We’re Working on Other Different Sorts of Games”

on January 21, 2014 7:01 AM

Ever since the release of Fable on the original Xbox back in 2004, Lionhead Studios has been pretty much focused on the series for nearly a decade now with multiple sequels released on Xbox 360, and an upcoming entry on Xbox One. However, it now seems like Lionhead might also be working on “something else” in the sidelines, aside from their numerous Fable projects.

Speaking with Eurogamer in an interview, Lionhead Studios confirmed that while the studio is currently wrapping up Fable Anniversary on Xbox 360 for a February release and continuing work on Fable Legends for Xbox One, the studio also mentioned a previously reported “unannounced project” it had in the works as well. Lionhead’s boss John Needham detailed in the interview that while the studio has been busy working on its Fable projects, the studio is also “working on other games too,” mentioning that “we’re working on other different sorts of games as well that we’re not talking about right now and won’t be Fable-esque.”

While Lionhead was known for releasing cult-classic Black & White on PC back in 2001 and several other titles, the studio has since focused on Fable-related projects, with Fable IIFable IIIFable Heroes, and Fable: The Journey all seeing release since 2008 for Xbox 360. Hopefully, the news of something different from Lionhead Studios will be a nice change of pace, both for gamers and for the studio itself, with Lionhead’s studio director, Stuart Whyte, mentioning:

“We’ve worked on a number of Fable games. We did The Movies. We did Black & White. We’re not just a Fable studio. Judging by where we are at the moment we’ve had a lot of Fable games in recent times, but I wouldn’t say that we’re just Fable. I can’t really say any more at this point!”

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