Lionheart Receives Western Release Date on Steam

Lionheart Receives Western Release Date on Steam

Fruitbat Factory announced that that the western release of the Japanese doujin game, Lionheart, will release on PC-via Steam on July 31.

The publisher originally announced they will be localizing the game in 2016, but commented on the extended amount of QA the game had to go through being a story driven RPG.

Lionheart stars Leon Lionheart as he explores a magical kingdom, “libra Corridor”, with his party of allies. Throughout the game there are a total of 10 playable characters to level-up and get to know over the 50 – 100 hour estimated playtime.

Leon Lionheart took after his father, who was also an adventurer, and sets out to explore the Libra Corridor. During his quest he runs in Justicar Maria Sinkirk who notices that Leon has an unusual “skill” and forcibly enlists his cooperation.

Later on, the former mercenary Orsin and nin Emma, join the party with their own reasons for entering the Corridor. It’s left to be discovered what this dungeon might contain. Enemy encounters feature turn-based mechanics, reminist of first person dungeon crawlers.

You can watch the reveal trailer below: