Liquid Puzzler Vessel Coming to the PS3 in March; Special Offer Included

Liquid Puzzler Vessel Coming to the PS3 in March; Special Offer Included

Soak, Rinse, Repeat, Dry. Once ordinary laundry instructions, soon to be a way of saving the world from a deadly menace.

Okay, maybe I’m wrong. But Strange Loop Games’ upcoming puzzle platformer Vessel will require players to think creatively to defeat the Fluros, “living machines” made of liquid that were created by the Arkwright device, invented by none other than the protagonist you play as. To stop the Fluro, the player will have to create and destroy them, with the story revolving around the invention and evolution of the creatures as lifeforms of their own.

Strange Loop believe that Vessel stands out thanks to the very same creatures the player is charged with defeating, creatures that are composed of thousands of physically stimulated fluid particles. So unlike some other video game creatures, they are constantly capable of melting, reforming into new shapes, flowing through barriers, regrowing lost limbs, chemically combining with multiple fluid types, and “much more.” Sounds like every ability you’d hate to fight wrapped in one terrifying gift.

The developers at Strange Loop has spent a lot of time optimizing the game on the PS3, which has already been released on PC platform. They’ve also partnered with Electronica artist Jon Hopkins (composer of the Monsters soundtrack, and renowned for his work with Brian Eno, Imogen Heap, and Coldplay) to create gameplay deeply integrated with his soundtrack.

For gamers who’d like to celebrate the launch, the developers at Strange Loop have included a deal where fans can buy a limited edition Vessel Turbine, a desk toy that allows you to have your very own Fluro in a bottle. Each bottle comes with a large blob of Ferrofluid, a magnetic liquid that “comes to life” when you apply a magnet, just like the Fluros in Vessel. Purchasing one of these will net gamers Vessel for free on both the PS3 and PC (via Steam, and DRM-free). For more on that offer, check out the Vessel Turbine video below and details at the Strange Loop website.

Vessel will feature more than 10 hours of content across multiple worlds, with many types of liquids with unique properties to interact with and bring to life. The game will be available soon, releasing on March 11th to the PlayStation Network. For more on the game, check out the trailers and gallery below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

PS3 Trailer

Vessel Turbine