Little Big Planet Is Jumping The ‘Pirate’ Ship

Little Big Planet Is Jumping The ‘Pirate’ Ship

Little Big Planet made its way onto our PlayStation 3’s last year and brought nothing but good times to those of us who embraced it. The cutesy and customizable Sackboy/Sackgirl made the 3D sidescroller one of the most entertaining multiplayer games to embellish our PS3 consoles. Hell, it was one of my saviors of gaming because it was one of the few games that actually caught the attention of my girlfriend – and she adored the thing just as much as Paris Hilton does her little Chiwawa. Yea, I was jealous of Sackboy/Sackgirl for a bit because they got all the attention for a while, but it was well worth the effort of getting my girlfriend to game with me.

What made the game so appealing, aside from the adorable little zippered sackpeople and music, was the fact that you could customize your sackperson’s appearance. Literally, from head to toe, you were able to customize just about every bit on your sackperson aside from the addition of fingers and genitals. Yep, sackpeople, like most toys, are just pack a non-defining crotch. From God of War‘s Kratos to the most memorable Street Fighter characters, you were able to dress your sackperson to your liking. However, it looks like Little Big Planet developer Media Molecule has more plans to bring you a couple of more goodies for your sackperson.

Little Big Planet appears to be bringing players a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed update which will be offering a set of new accessories and clothing to play dress-up with, along with a set of brand new levels. Leaked from a list of PlayStation 3 trophies, there will be four new stages – Pirate Town, Port Royal, Cursed Bay and The Frigate – with an addition of a glorious battle against the behemoth octopus, the Kraken.

Along with the release of pirate clothing, new levels, and a massive octopus, new activities (such as boat racing and treasure exploration) will be included in the upcoming update.

Is this a reason to go back and rock out in LBP again? If my girlfriend has anything to say about it, hell yes. And by that, I definitely mean that I will be playing it… by force. Are you guys looking forward to this? Or are you all pre-occupied with the lineup of awesomeness approaching?