Little Big Planet: Pirate Style!

on December 29, 2009 2:01 AM

Little Big Planet is going to the Caribbean, Pirate style! Available now from the Playstation Store is the add on Pirate fans everywhere has been waiting for: The Pirates of the Caribbean Add on pack! Now fans of the Mega Movie series can outfit their Sackperson with the costumes from the Disney movies. Want to be Sack Sparrow and sail the Seven Seas? Now you can. Other characters include Davy Jones, Will Turner, and others. Also included is a bonus level, as you must find the only ship on Little Big Planet that can defeat the Mighty Kraken and save the day! Not bad for $11.50!

Below is a complete detail and video of all the Pirate glory to be had in the world of Little Big Planet! Argggghhhhh!

  • New Gameplay features for Create: Water – Global Water Object, Scuba Gear, Bubble Machine, Water Switch
  • 5 Brand new Pirates of the Caribbean themed Levels
  • 1 New costume: The Cannibal: Leg Bands, Teeth, Nose Decoration, Hair, Loincloth, Skin
  • 4 new music tracks
  • A new level background
  • 8 Materials
  • 14 Decorations
  • 27 Objects
  • 133 Stickers
  • 11 brand new PlayStation® Trophies
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