Little Big Planet 2 Shares Sackbots, The Creatinator

November 8, 2010

We’ve got two new videos from Media Molecule’s upcoming Little Big Planet 2 to share with you today. The first is a little vignette about the Creatinator, a new tool that will allow your Sackboy to shoot any object he (or you, as the creator) desires. Personally, I’m not totally sure how people are going to put this thing to use, but hey, that’s for you to figure out. After that, lonely people will want to watch the Sackbots trailer, showing off a bunch of things you can do with LBP2’s new AI-controlled Sackboys. You can make them follow you, which should work great for that timed underwater escort mission you’ve been working on.


Check ’em after the jump.

Danl Haas

Danl is a home-grown Minnesotan gamer, artist, and programmer. He loves rhythm games, RTS, and platformers. He loves building computers, too. His favorite games include Phoenix Wright, Dance Dance Revolution, and Katamari Damacy.

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