Little Bug Flitters around Steam Greenlight via Crowdfunding Campaign

Little Bug Flitters around Steam Greenlight via Crowdfunding Campaign

We’ve covered the surreal platformer Little Bug on DualShockers before. It’s currently on the crowdfunding site Fig hoping to come to the PC (and consoles through a stretch goal).With 18 days left, the game has made around 75% of their $35,000 USD target.

The devs at Buddy System announced that they’re trying to get their game on Steam Greenlight. It’s moved through the platform quickly, now sitting at 20th place.

For those who don’t remember, the story centers around little Nyah who has just emerged from a car crash. Her mother is missing and the world around her doesn’t seem right. Strange creatures rustle in the shadows and the dark surrounds her.

However, a small ball of light finds her and shields her from the encroaching dead. Her luminous companion feels familiar and soon Nyah realizes that she can use the spirit to carry her forward or produce a large beam to clear the path.

The dark yet whimsical environments and enemies give Little Bug that edge to standout. Giant, neon purple hands and unblinking, giant eyes are just some of the creatures existing in this realm. They’re also drawn quite loosely, like a child sat down and did their best rendition of different body parts. It really adds to the bizarre atmosphere of the game.

The most recent update also added a few picture of concept art that give even more detail to our child protagonist. The post explains how you will ‘be able to unlock new cosmetics for Nyah’. These will include different hairstyles, color options for her rolled up overalls, and possibly costume wings.

The design of the game continues to impress as the devs have a strong grasp on their characters and setting. ‘Nyah is an inquisitive explorer. Someone who is perfectly content being in the woods.’ They continue on with, ‘She’s at home in nature, but the world around her is becoming increasingly supernatural.’

You have until February 9th to back Little Bug and you can support it on Greenlight right now. In the meantime you can look at Nyah’s progression in the concept art below.