Little Busters English Edition Appears on Steam Greenlight With Story Details and Tons of Screenshots

Little Busters English Edition Appears on Steam Greenlight With Story Details and Tons of Screenshots

VisualArts has at long last launched the Little Busters! English Edition Steam Greenlight page for western fans to enjoy the beloved visual novel.

Over the past few months the publish has been providing updates on the games release along with systems and screenshots for the English build. Now that the Greenlight page is up, this gives western fans a chance to support the release and also provide feedback for the Japanese developers.

The publisher details the game’s premise from the Greenlight page:


Riki Naoe, the protagonist of the story, lost his parents as a child, and fell deep into despair. He was saved by a group of kids calling themselves the Little Busters, consisting of Kyousuke Natsume, Masato Inohara, Kengo Miyazawa, and Rin Natsume.
They took him outside and playacted at being heroes who fought the evil that was all around them. Riki discovered endless joy in spending time with them, even though they acted silly and their missions tended to end in failure.

Over time, it washed away his loneliness and suffering. Years later, the whole gang has entered the same school, and Riki is now a second-year. They are still as silly as ever and spend their youth going along with whatever Kyousuke proposes.

“Little Busters!” is a huge hit visual novel that was originally released in Japan in 2007. In the following year, the “Little Busters! Ecstasy” edition came out, promoting Kanata Futaki and Sasami Sasasegawa from side characters to main heroines, and adding an all-new heroine, Saya Tokido. In 2012, the “Little Busters! PERFECT EDITION” was released with improvements in the “Little Busters! Ecstasy” scenarios.

In 2012 and 2013, the game was made into two anime series titled as “Little Busters!” and “Little Busters! ~Refrain~”. Both of the series are available and have gained a large following in many countries outside of Japan as well.

“Little Busters! English Edition” is a new version produced by further upgrading the “Little Busters! PERFECT EDITION”. The new edition supports HD resolution for the first time on PC, and allows switching between Japanese and English languages.

Additionally, the page provides a detailed look at each of the main cast of characters.

You can check out new screenshots below, some showing the new system that allows the player to switch between 720p and the original 4:3 ratio as well as Japanese and English text with the press of a button: