Visual Novel Fans Rejoice, Little Busters! Confirmed for Steam

Visual Novel Fans Rejoice, Little Busters! Confirmed for Steam

VisualArts Key confirms that Little Busters! is coming west and further news about the game's western localization will come within the next couple weeks.

VisualArts has confirmed with DualShockers that the Little Busters’ English opening movie that was release on April Fool’s day was not a prank.

Instead, the developer reaffirmed that the beloved visual novel will indeed be coming west and has also added that further news of the game’s localization to Steam will come “in a few weeks”. This release will include the content from Little Busters! EX Perfect Edition, which is an all-ages version of Ecstasy.

Originally released in 2007 in Japan, Little Busters! is a romance visual novel where the player assumes the role of protagonist Riki Naoe. During his childhood, Riki became orphaned and began to fall into depression. However, he meets a group of four other children who call themselves Little Busters and finds reasons to be happy again.

There are a total of eight heroines in the game that can be romanced, three of which were added in the release of Ecstasy. Throughout the story, players will be given multiple text options to chose from during conversations. The following events of the story will alter depending on their choices. Furthermore, there are various mini-games that the player is able to participate in.

Last January, Visual Art’s CEO Takahiro Baba, announced that developer Prototype will be working on the localized version of the game.

In case you missed it, you can watch the English Opening below: