Little Devil Inside From Neostream Showcased With a Brilliant New Trailer

While Little Devil Inside started as a Kickstarter project in 2015, it's somehow made its way to the PS5 lineup

I know there’s been a lot of new games to talk about today. Spiderman is coming back, Ratchet & Clank is getting a sequel and there’s a game about a really neat cat. But please, direct your attention to the most brilliant trailer to air today, along with the charming title it’s attached to – Little Devil Inside from Neostream.

Shown off during today’s PS5 reveal show, Little Devil Inside was not actually announced today, just shown to be coming out on the upcoming console. The game itself has been in development since 2015, and started as a project on Kickstarter. It reached its goals and was slated to release on the Xbox One, PS4, PC and even the Wii U as a third-party title. It’s unclear what happened between now and then, but Little Devil Inside is now a PS5 exclusive. One thing hasn’t changed though, the game still has no release date.

All the same, Little Devil Inside oozes style and charm. Its’ unique art style paired with a brilliantly constructed trailer had me hooked when it showed up in the middle of the PS5 presentation. The game itself seems to be a mix of monster-fighting and slow exploration. Scenes from the trailer capture combat against creatures both on land and far beneath the ocean, in its darkest reaches. It then jumps to a serene shot of the game’s monster hunter patching himself up. That is, before he goes sand surfing on the back of a penguin wearing a helmet.

In between these shots of our daring monster hunter are glimpses at an older man going about his day. We see him go from his bed, to the market and then even to the bathroom. However, the last time we see him is with a legion of knights at his back, seemingly ready to charge into battle. It’s not clear how the two are connected, or if they even are. One thing is for certain – I’m excited to explore the strange world of Little Devil Inside, whenever it’s released.

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