Captain America Sequels Director, The Russo Brothers, Adapting Little Nightmares for the Small Screen

The famous Russo brothers, along with DJ2 Entertainment, are bringing the indie horror hit Little Nightmares to TV screens at some point in the future.

It’s not so often that indie games are remade into movies, and it’s not so often that they pique the interest of well known directors. Anthony and Joe Russo are the brothers behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the more recent Civil War. They also dabbled with cult TV series such as Community and Arrested Development. This time their sights are on Tarsier Studio’s puzzle-platformerLittle Nightmares.

Anthony and Joe will not be stepping into the director’s chair for this one as they are passing off that duty to the man behind A Nightmare before Christmas. Yes, Henry Selick will be moving on from one bad dream named project to another while the title is prepped for TV land.

The Russos are looking to make a pilot episode based on the game with DJ2 Entertainment. Luckily this ‘transmedia’ outfit is known for pursuing video game licenses such as Life is Strange and the Sonic franchise. There are a number of names attached to the project including Dmitri M. Johnson, Stephan Bugaj Dan Jevons (producer) from DJ2, and Samuel Gatte (executive producer) from the game’s publisher, Bandia Namco.

The show will follow the plot of the game quite faithfully. It concerns a young girl named Six (who’s actually nine) that finds herself trapped on a ship of the damned known as the Maw. Familiar and horrifying characters will pop-up including the Twin Chefs and the elusive Janitor.

According to the original source of the story, The Hollywood Reporter, the dark themes of the project will deal “[w]ith hunger and the depths one goes to satiate that hunger”. All this sounds incredibly appropriate given Little Nightmares‘ disturbing visuals and skin-crawling sounds.

However, it’s still unclear if this will be live action or not. The fact that Henry Selick has worked on stop-motion claymation projects such as Coraline that mirror the artstyle of the game makes me think that this will not include flesh and blood actors in front of a camera.

With little known about the project, we’ll have to wait to see how things shape up. But the fact that DJ2 Entertainment’s TV version of Life is Strange still doesn’t have any concrete info or release dates (it was originally announced back in July 2016) means it might be awhile until we hear anything.

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Leif Conti-Groome

Leif Conti-Groome is a staff writer at DualShockers who mainly focuses on indie games and crowdfunding campaigns. He was a contributor to the niche game podcast Total Control and he frequently lends his services to the Torontonian enthusiast group, The Hand Eye Society.

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