Little Witch Academia for PS4 and PC GetsTons of 1080 Screenshots; Playable Diana Announced

Little Witch Academia for PS4 and PC GetsTons of 1080 Screenshots; Playable Diana Announced

Bandai Namco released a ton of screenshots for Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, while also announcing that Diana will be playable.

Today Bandai Namco released a new batch of screenshots of its upcoming anime game Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time.

The screenshots showcase quite a lot of elements of the game. We get to see some really great shots from the cutscenes by Studio Trigger, but more importantly we get to see Diana, with the announcement that she won’t just appear in the game, but she will actually be playable.

We also see a new level named the Forest of Mimosa, and its final boss, the Grand Treant. More art shows two more monsters, a Cockatrice and a Mandrake.

Completing dungeons lets you earn experience and items. Leveling up grants you “magic points” that can be used in the “horoscope system” to power up a character’s spells.

Stats can also be increased, and they’re pretty familiar to those who love RPGs, Vitality, Strenght, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.

Equipment that can be found in dungeons and equipped includes wand, rings (in two slots, one per hand), bracelet, and necklace. Each item has a degree of rarity that goes from, S to F.

Last, but not least, we get to see more characters that will appear in the Luna Nova Academy, and with whom we’ll be able to interact.

You can check out the trailer below. If you want to see more, you can also enjoy plenty of gameplay from a recent livestream, a recent trailera batch of screenshots, some more recent gameplay videosanother gameplay trailer with English subtitles one more trailer and gameplay video, and the first English trailer.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time will release in Japan on November 30th exclusively for PS4, and will come to the west in early 2018, getting a PC version on top of the one for Sony’s console.