LittleBigPlanet 3 Gets a Metric Ton of New Information, Pictures and Videos on Creation Tools

By Giuseppe Nelva

September 14, 2014

LittleBigPlanet 3 will stay true to the series and will have a strong focus on creativity, and in order to be successful in that, Sumo Digital has expanded on the creation tools quite extensively. To see if they can satisfy the community, they invited eleven community creators to give the game a test run, allowing them to go crazy on Twitter spreading information, pictures and videos.

Here’s what surfaced from the event (most of it is courtesy of NeoGAF user Creaking, who took upon itself to gather a lot of the relevant tweets and explain them).

“Collectibells” appear to be a form of currency used to buy costumes. Perhaps its so that you can focus on getting the costumes that you want when you want them, rather than having to wait until you reach the level where you can earn them. However, these are usable by creators as well, as a form of in-level currency. Great for RPGs!

Player score can also be used as currency, and you can create your own custom Shop Stall (and buyable items) as seen below.

You are able to play as the new characters while creating.

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It’s possible to turn a material into liquid, allowing characters to swim through it.

The Interactive Live Stream Sensor lets people who are watching someone streaming in a level affect what happens. Since it’s just a sensor, whatever happens is fully tweakable by the creator.

There is a new animation-based tool called the Character Rotation Tweaker, apparently allowing for top-down gameplay without the use of controllinators.

  Decoration Mounts (briefly mentioned during the Gamescom create mode demo) allow you to tweak decorations through various sizes/shapes/animations.

  You can make and track “quests” using a new tool/feature called the Organisertron.

There is a new Object Saver tool that will save the state of a specific object when you leave a level, keeping it exactly the same for when you return.

You can easily set materials to be Dynamic or Static(physics/no physics) This is a returning feature from LBP Karting and LBP Vita.

There are several new tweakers, including an Opacity tweaker and a “Shardinator.”

There are tons of new “Effects”-type decorations, such as water, smoke or fire.

There are new 3d shapes under objects that can be merged and recolored to give the player some ability to make their own custom-built objects.

Decorations have a similar group of recolorable basic shapes.

There are a plethora of new materials, including a Fog Material.

There is a new tool under logic called a Wave Generator. Not sure what it does.

  There is another new logic tool called the Broadcast Microchip, allowing you to make logic once and send it wherever else you’d like throughout your level.

There’s an Advanced In/Out Mover allowing for smoother movement of objects between layers. The exact nature of how this works is unknown at the moment, but it sounds like it will open up a great number of options for 3D platforming gameplay.

Looks like a metric ton of new content. Here’s a look at some new foliage decorations, a section which is more than double the size it was in LBP2 even with all of the add-ons. Also note that everything marked with a color-wheel can be recolored.

There’s a new race-gate specifically for top-down levels.

Lights appear to have been moved from the Goodies Back to the Tools Bag, and there look to be quite a few new types, including what looks like a Plasma Globe.

The Sackpocket (a feature that is supposed to let Sackboy store and switch between multiple gadgets such as the grappling hook and creatinator) looks like this.

  The Gamescom demo showed off an Animation Tweaker, but we didn’t get to see what it’s options looked like. Here’s a screen of that.

To conclude, here are a few vines to give you an animated view on what was created during the event.

All the information included in this post was gathered from tweets by the following users:

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