Loads and Loads of New Info, Screenshots and a Trailer for Pokemon X and Y

on June 14, 2013 2:12 PM

Today we find out more about Pokemon X and Y, thanks to a new trailer and tons of screenshots and artwork.

After you choose the gender of your trainer, you start off in Vaniville Town where you meet your four best friends: Shauna, a friendly and outgoing girl who is trying to find her own dream, Tierno who is strong and kind and dreams of creating a dance group with his Pokemon, Trevor, an excellent and curious student who is competitive and wants to be the first of the group to complete his Pokedex and the last friend in the group–Serena (if your trainer is a boy) or Calem (if your trainer is a girl)–wants to be a powerful Pokemon trainer and sets out to accomplish just that.

Once your trainer travels to Santalune City, they can meet and battle the first Gym Leader Viola after meeting her older sister Alexa, who is a journalist working for a publishing house in Lumiose City. The interior of the Santalune City Gym consists of spiderweb threads that are strung together in various paths, which you will need to safely traverse to reach Viola.

Lastly, we have some new Pokemon to enter the fray, including the hot-blooded Fire and Normal type Pokemon Litleo, a new Fairy type Pokemon named Flabébé, and the three evolutions of a new Bug type: Scatterbug, Spewpa and Vivillon.

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