Local Multiplayer Strategy Game Soul Harvest Steam Early Access Release Date Announced

Local Multiplayer Strategy Game Soul Harvest Steam Early Access Release Date Announced

Nanoleptic Games has announced the Steam Early Access release date of its local multiplayer strategy game. In Soul Harvest, you play as a Demon Lord vying for underworld turf.

Today, developer Nanoleptic Games announced that the Steam Early Access release date for its local multiplayer strategy title Soul Harvest will be on May 25.

Below the earth’s crust, an antediluvian war is being waged by four Demon Lords who are no longer bound to the Garden of Souls. They have rebelled against their master and now must compete with one another in an eternal battle for dominance. In order to come out the victor, they must fuel themselves with the souls they swore to protect and with the blood of their minions.

In Soul Harvest, up to four players take part in a fast-paced strategy game, each taking on the role of a Demon Lord to stake claim on their turf in the underworld.

Here are a few of the game’s key gameplay elements:

  • Fast paced strategy gameplay with beat-them-all elements
  • An RTS designed to be played with gamepads!
  • 4 completely different factions based on human vices
  • 4 map biomes
  • A solo/coop campaign
  • A faction editor and unlockable content
  • An in-game level editor for every modding
  • Sound & music by the composer of GRYPT and Viking Guitar

Those afraid of a little strategy game should have no fear here. The developer notes that although there’s plenty for hardcore RTS fans to appreciate, the game is completely accessible to any gamer, especially with only four buttons.

Soul Harvest‘s Steam Early Access release for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux will be on May 25 for $12.99. For more information on the game, check out the official website. Below is the game’s Early Access Release trailer.