Logitech And Tencent Collaborate For Cloud Gaming Handheld Devices


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August 2, 2022

Logitech G has announced a cloud gaming partnership with Tencent Games to bring a portable cloud gaming console to worldwide markets in late 2022. The new console will support multiple cloud gaming services, and both companies will be working with mega players in the industry such as Microsoft and NVIDIA to take the handheld gaming industry to the next level.

The handheld console will combine Logitech G’s expertise in hardware with Tencent Games’ expertise in software services, as both companies share a vision on the quality and the future of gaming experiences. The vision, according to the press release, is to allow users to enjoy games anywhere and anytime without the need for any downloads or dedicated consoles, through the help of cloud gaming and remote servers.


Daniel Wu, General Manager of Tencent Games Smart Solution Innovation Lab, has expressed the intent of this partnership as a new opportunity to further push the frontiers of gaming devices, while Ujesh Desai, General Manager of Logitech G, reiterates the importance of being able to play AAA games anywhere. Logitech G has also released an official outlet for updates where interested customers can sign up and get all the updates about the new console, tentatively name Logitech G Gaming Handheld.

This news comes shortly after Tencent, the Chinese gaming giant announced a collaboration with Voicemod’s real-time voice-changing chat technology to enhance player immersion and interaction in online games. They have also been working as cloud technology partners to make a lot of breakthroughs in all digital fields, provide residents and tourists with centralized access to online services, aid patients with hearing loss, and host virtual concerts inside games like PUBG.

Logitech G’s experience in creating sustainable and ergonomic technical hardware solutions for all kinds of needs will likely influence the design of the upcoming handled device. Tencent has built cloud data centers in 70 AZs across 26 regions worldwide and 200 TBs of reserved bandwidth across the entire network. Their self-developed games and endeavors in cyber security has also helped in shaping a better gaming ecosystem worldwide. So, this handheld is sure to elevate present and upcoming games and help them reach wider audiences everywhere.

Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed (He/Him) from Egypt is Interested in gaming as a storytelling medium and how it can give shape to new emotions and life lessons. He is currently learning the Japanese language and is interested on learning more about the Japanese culture and other cultures and how they are represented in gaming. Also a Long term fan of JRPGs, Indie games and VIsual Novels.

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