Mobius Marvel Character - Who Is Owen Wilson's Character In Loki?

Here's everything you need to know about Mobius!

If you’re wondering who exactly Owen Wilson’s character Mobius is in the new Marvel TV show Loki, we’ve got a full guide on the character to get you ready for the highly anticipated show.

If you haven’t checked it out already, make sure to watch the official trailer for Loki in the tweet below. Loki comes to Disney+ on June 11.

Who Is Mobius?

In the Marvel universe, Mobius M. Mobius is a high ranking member of the Time Variance Authority. However, it is worth noting that there are members of the TVA that rank higher than Mobius, even though Mobius appears to be in control in the Loki trailer, his character is classed as middle management.

Owen Wilson is set to take on the role of Mobius in the new Loki TV Show. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, in which we witnessed Loki escape using the tesseract and ultimately break one of the many timelines. Mobius’ role is to fix the timeline in which Loki destroyed, but he’ll need the help of the famous villain to do so.

When it gets to the middle management section of the TVA, they’re actually clones of the same person. So, Mobius is a clone of the same human. The exact Owen Wilson Mobius seen in the trailer is one of the more senior members of staff in middle management, and his job is to keep everything running smoothly across all timelines.

The character of Mobius is actually based on a real-life person, Mark Gruenwald was an American comic book writer that most notably wrote various Captain America comics. When you put the original comic book character Mobius and Gruenwald side by side, you can clearly see the resemblance.

Mobius will also act as Loki’s main point of contact when he is sent out on various missions to fix the timeline in which he broke.

Who Are The Time Variance Authority?

If you want a complete guide on The Time Variance Authority and their exact purpose in the Marvel universe, you can check out the link below for our full guide.

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Loki TV Show

Just because films are being continuously delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, doesn’t mean we can’t keep getting our Marvel fix!

After the successful release of WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on Disney+, Marvel is back with Loki.

Loki will be released on Disney+ worldwide on June 11, new episodes will follow weekly.

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