Popular Cosplayer Recreates Loki's Sylvie With Perfect Accuracy

By Jo Craig

July 7, 2021

Marvel’s Loki is gearing up to air its finale next week, which will mark the end of a thrilling ride for Marvel fans, and some cosplayers already know who they are dressing up as for Comic-Con season.

One cosplayer has already donned the lengthy horns once in an atmospheric photo shoot, created and worn by Apollo Cosplay.

Attention now turns to another character from the Disney+ show, whose popularity is growing to the same heights as the God of Mischief himself. 

Villain | Marvel Studios’ Loki | Disney+

Villain | Marvel Studios’ Loki | Disney+

Sylvie Cosplay

Right off the bat, fans were immediately impressed with the amount of detail packed into this Sylvie cosplay.

From the shine of her horned helmet to the texture of the breastplate, the cosplay is near perfection with the added bonus of fitting, blonde curls.

To rival the sheen of the gold headpiece is the knee-high leather boots, and Sylvie’s short sword detailed with Asgardian runes is another impressive addition.

Meet the Cosplayer

Mads is a popular cosplayer on social media who tailors to creating costumes and props from the Borderlands series.

During her time making the cosplay, Mads posted some progress pictures of the horned helmet, breastplate and short sword in development, and tagged Sylvie actor Sophia Di Martino to thank her for “bringing her to life.”

Who is Sylvie in Marvel’s Loki?

*Spoilers Ahead *

Sylvie Laufeydottir, teased as “Lady Loki”, is one of the many character variants who appears in the show. 

Following the character’s introduction in Episode 3, the subsequent episode dived into her past where the Goddess of Mischief’s origins were revealed.

After confirming Sylvie as a Loki variant, we learned that Sylvie was kidnapped from Asgard by the TVA, which explains her alternate life from Loki’s.

After living a life on the run and mastering her Asgardian magic, Sylvie now aims to reveal the truth behind the elusive TVA and the Time-Keepers.

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