LOL Bee Skins Revealed – Bee’Maw, Beezahar, Yuubee

LOL Bee Skins Revealed – Bee’Maw, Beezahar, Yuubee

You can try out the new Bee skins for Kog'Maw, Malzahar, and Yuumi on the test servers soon.

League of Legends‘ PBE servers is going to be as sweet as honey in a few days. Recently, the official Twitter account of League of Legends revealed three new Bee-themed skins coming to the PBE servers. These new LOL Bee skins will be available for Kog’Maw, Malhazar, and Yuumi.

This is not the first time that League of Legends‘ developers pay tribute to bees in the game. Previously, we received Beekeeper skin for Singed, Beemo skin for Teemo, Yellow Jacket skin for Shen, and Stinger skin for Akali. This, though, three Bee-themed skins will be dropped together. The skins will hit the PBE servers in a few days and will probably be available on the main servers of the game after a few weeks. Below, you can take a look at all the new skins:

As per every skin in the game, the new LOL Bee skins bring new outfits for the champions along with new assets, new post-processing effects, and new animations. If you feel you really like the new skins, don’t lose the opportunity to try them out on the PBE servers.

In other news from League of Legends, recently the developers revealed the preview patch notes for the upcoming 11.4 update which included nerfs for Samira, Kai’sa, and Camille, along with buffs for Caitlyn, Braum, Fiora, and Varus. Aside from characters, some systems such as Jungle Positions received nerf while some items such as Everfrost and Cosmic Frost gain buffs. Riot Games did mention lately that if an item violates the guidelines for balance of the game, it will be either reworked or removed from the game.

League of Legends is now available for free on PC through the Riot Games’ own launcher. Also, there’s a mobile version of the game called League of Legends Wild Rift available on Android and iOS devices.