The London Spitfire Claim Runaway Victory in Overwatch League Finals

The London Spitfire Claim Runaway Victory in Overwatch League Finals

The London Spitfire defeat The Philadelphia Fusion 3-0 in the grand finals of the Overwatch League to bring home the million dollar prize.

The Barclay Center in Brooklyn was alive with the excited roars of eSports fans this past weekend as The London Spitfire went head to head with The Philadelphia Fusion in the grand finals of Overwatch‘s Inaugural Season to claim the prize of $1,000,000.

Blizzard Entertainment’s competitive first-person shooter saw both teams battle it out across a total of three maps with The London Spitfire easily defeating The Philadelphia Fusion’s game plan at every turn. Beginning on the Junkyertown map, The Spitfire claimed their first victory of the day thanks to their beefy defense. The second map saw the teams taking the fight to Lijiang Tower where the Spitfire secured their second victory by way of holding the point for the duration of the match. Finally, the King’s Row map was where The Philadelphia Fusion were dealt their final critical blow as their opponents scored a runaway 3-0 overall.

With the title of champions in Overwatch‘s first league under their belts, The London Spitfire took to the stage in a press conference where support player Choi “Bdosin” Seung-Tae told reporters that he was expecting more of a fight from Philadelphia’s side. He said:

“I didn’t think it would be this easy. Next year I hope we play a stronger team.”

Overwatch has seen a number of changes over the last few weeks including balance patches for support characters and the addition of a sturdy new hero named Wrecking Ball. Overwatch is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.