London Summit Tweet May Have Confirmed Xbox Durango Codename

London Summit Tweet May Have Confirmed Xbox Durango Codename

Durango isn’t just the name of a Dodge line of pickup truck or Mexico’s second least-densely populated state anymore. No, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that it’s the codename for Microsoft’s next console, as reported by Vox Games. The project name has been around for some time, but has mostly been speculation until Crytek’s Sean Tracy tweeted it while at a developers’ summit in London earlier today.

“Enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. So far, great swag and interesting talks,” he wrote.

The Xbox rumor mill has been churning quite extensively lately, from reports that its controller may have a tablet interface akin to that of the Wii U or that it might run on Direct X 11. GDC and E3 are also both right around the corner, so maybe we’re moving toward a reveal.

Developers sometimes use codenames for more than just concealing certain aspects of their projects. For example, Nintendo’s Gamecube was once codenamed Dolphin and used aquatic terminology for some of its parts — the GPU, for instance, was called the Flipper. So what can we expect from Durango’s innards? Maybe an Aztec processor or a user interface called Chipotle?

All jokes aside, what are your favorite project codenames? Mine might just be Katana, which is what Sega called the Dreamcast before it was released. Either that or Revolution.