Lone Survivor Creator Shares New Game Ideas

September 17, 2012

Lone Survivor creator, Jasper Byrne, has shared some images and thoughts regarding his latest game project via his blog. He mentions that the game is currently ‘very rough and sketchy’ but basically, he is combining several ideas that formed during the development of Lone Survivor.

Byrne describes the game as ‘Zelda x Demon’s Souls’, featuring elements from genres such as the dungeon crawler, ‘sci-fi head messing’ and platformer.

Here is a slightly more detailed description of the game’s features, from Byrne:

It has two-handed combat, equipable weapons and rolling (I love rolling), but I’m now writing an engine to make this sort of Zelda-Phantom Hourglass type projection to try and make the environment more exciting, but unlike that game it will use sprites to convey the characters. I still have a good way to go before I can get this sort of look in-game, a lot of tools to write and art to draw.

Check out some of Byrne’s early prototype images below, but be aware that the final game ‘won’t look like this exactly’.


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