Lonesome Village Announced on PC, Switch With A Kickstarter

Lonesome Village Announced on PC, Switch With A Kickstarter

Lonesome Village is inspired by 2D Zelda dungeon mechanics and slice-of-life simulation Animal Crossing, coming to PC and Switch.

Lonesome Village is a new RPG adventure game coming to PC and Switch. Ogre Pixel, a Mexico based indie studio, is the developer. The development of  Lonesome Village is at a 50% completion rate, and Ogre Pixel aims to raise 20,000$ via a Kickstarter in order to finish it. The Kickstarter is live since today, September 17. A special demo is available for backers of the project.

Lonesome Village is an experience inspired from 2D Zelda games and Animal Crossing. The game’s town is inhabited by animal villagers trying to return to a normal life after a disaster which heavily damaged their home. The protagonist is Wes, a wandering coyote who happens upon the village and decides to help. Wes will need to help the inhabitants rebuild and forge friendships with them, in similar fashion as Animal Crossing.

Wes will also need to explore dungeons to solve the mystery and conspiracy of a cultist group. This is where the Zelda inspiration is seen, as the dungeons feature multiple puzzles and gimmicks to solve.

A trailer is available below, showcasing some of the game’s mechanics, both in dungeon exploration and in daily life. We get a look at the village and some of its inhabitants as well.

Lonesome Village will be available at launch on both PC and Switch.