One Playthrough of Long Gone Days Will Be 5 -7 Hours Long With More Than One Ending

One Playthrough of Long Gone Days Will Be 5 -7 Hours Long With More Than One Ending

Take a weekend and step into the shoes of Rourke, a sniper who has deserted his post.

BURA’s co-founder, director, and artist Camila Gormaz revealed to DualShockers during a recent interview that a single playthrough of its upcoming 2D modern-day military RPG with visual novel elements, Long Gone Days, will be five to seven hours long.

As you may know, Long Gone Days contains many different choices throughout the game and two different endings, so if you want to see all of the game’s content, more than five to seven hours will need to be logged.

For those that don’t know: Long Gone Days is a 2D modern-day dystopian military RPG that follows the story of Rourke, a soldier from The Core, and isolated settlement below the surface of the Earth. After discovering a dark truth about the operation in Kaliningrad he’s involved with, he decides to leave his post, “not realizing the consequences of deserting an inescapable war.”

As for gameplay, there are two battle systems: front-view turn-based combat and a Sniper Mode, which consists of Seek and Find mechanics and decision making.

Unlike many games these days, there is no random encounters or thoughtless grinding, rather battles are directly related to the plot, and instead of leveling up, your party members will just progressively learn new skills, upgrade their weapons, and craft weapons.

Speaking of your team, keeping their morale up is another key mechanic to Long Gone Days. Choosing certain dialogue options will affect your team’s morale in different ways, which in turns alters their performance in battle. The problem is, every party member is a unique personality with unique motivations, and thus certain choices will please some, but not all.

Party members are also key, because as you progress through the game’s real world locations you will encounter NPCs that speak in their native tongue, and thus you will need specific party members to act as interpreters.

Long Gone Days is in development for PC, Mac, and Linux. It is currently scheduled to ship sometime during Q1 2018. Console versions have yet to be announced, but the aforementioned Gormaz did reveal to me that the team would love to bring the game to console platforms.