The Long Reach Grasps onto Gaming World with Steam Page: OST out Now

The Long Reach Grasps onto Gaming World with Steam Page: OST out Now

Painted Black Studio's unveiling of the Steam page for The Long Reach asks more questions than it answers for the pixellated adventure thriller.

We last covered The Long Reach when it was announced at the end of June. Today developer Painted Black Games sent out a press release releasing further detailing their ‘pixel art adventure thriller’. Initially announced for PC, Mac, Linux, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One for a release this Fall, the team has added the Vita in their large stable of platforms. The soundtrack is also now available on Bandcamp with a pay-what-you-can option.

The narrative in The Long Reach is different, to say the least. The main character is Calvin (or is it?), an unreliable sort who might make the tale extra confusing. His life in the fictional American town of Baervox is about to be thrown into chaos as a scientific institute’s breakthrough in ‘knowledge transferring’ goes horribly wrong. From out of control experiments to murderous townsfolk to destructive technology, Calvin will have his hands full trying to stay alive.

The gameplay is ‘100% classic adventure’ with a lot of sci-fi and horror elements thrown in. There will be puzzles to solve and inventory items to hunt down. There will also be tense games of hide and seek thrown in to keep players on their toes.

Other features listed on the newly launched Steam page include:

  • The Long Reach is a horror-thriller hell bent on screwing with your perception of things.
  • The game misuses stunning pixel art to create gruesome and unsettling images.
  • You’ll be playing as Calvin throughout the game – this is an example of the lies and deception that we have in store for you.
  • You won’t be forced to figure everything out. Escape if you wish, in fact we encourage you to run for your life!
  • Solve puzzles that require thinking outside the box. The box provided by our publisher was never used during the development.
  • You’ll be able to talk with plenty of characters. In fact, you’ll have a chance to pitch in every five lines or so.
  • A classic adventure game inventory filled with keys and weird stuff (note: no Elvish swords glowing faintly blue when evil is close in this game).
  • Original atmospheric and haunting soundtrack. The composer’s not right in the head, he brought weird stuff home to use in the soundtrack. We’re all concerned for his cat.

With a really engaging art-style and some haunting tunes (ns-fw34 is my favorite), The Long Reach is looking like it’s coming along rather nicely. This is definitely a game I’m going to keep on my radar and we’ll report once we learn more (hopefully a release date) about this unique adventure title.