Long War Studios Newest Mods for XCOM 2 Introduce New Laser Weaponry

on July 10, 2016 2:01 PM

Two new mods have been introduced to XCOM 2 thanks to Long War Studios: Perk Pack, and Laser Pack.

Each are available through the Steam Workshop for XCOM 2 and both introduce new laser weapons and rework the classes and abilities in the game.

“Perk Pack” Mod

  • Choice of three perks per promotion rank instead of two
  • More than 70 new and reworked Abilities that can be assigned to soldiers, gear or aliens
  • Reworks the four base classes into seven, including the assault, gunner and shinobi, or create your own class
  • Adds ten new PCS items, each granting a unique ability
  • Support for more than 15 active abilities in the tactical UI

“Laser Pack” Mod

  • Adds a new laser tier of XCOM weaponry, which includes a new variant for the assault rifle, shotgun, cannon, sniper rifle, pistol and SMG, plus all attachments
  • Mod includes models, textures, particle effects and sounds
  • Tier exists between magnetic and beam tiers, with two new technologies

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